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There are fifteen pieces: one jaguar and fourteen dogs. Both move one space at a time per turn, starting with the jaguar. The moves follow the pattern on the board.

The goal of the jaguar is to capture at least five dogs. The jaguar can capture by the short leap as in Checkers or Alquerque. If capturing is possible, the jaguar is not allowed any other move. To capture a dog, the jaguar leaps over it and lands on the other side in a straight line, following the pattern on the board. If the landing position allows for capturing another dog, the jaguar is given a bonus move and must capture the additional dog, until no more captures are possible.

The goal of the dogs is to block the movements of the jaguar. The dogs cannot capture, they win when the jaguar can no longer move. To avoid stalling, this app limits the number of the movements of the dogs. If the dogs do not succeed in blocking the jaguar in 27 moves or less, then the jaguar wins.