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Three Playing Modes

  • Play against the device as jaguar or dogs, in three levels of difficulty.
  • Use Adugo as a traditional board game and play against a friend on the same device.
  • Use the multi-player functionality to play against a friend over the Internet, or let Game Center auto-match you with other remote players.

Intuitive Interaction Model

  • When you tap a piece, Adugo gives you immediate feedback. If the piece can be moved, it glows and all legal targets are highlighted.
  • To move a piece, you have two options: you can tap the piece and then tap the destination, or you can simply slide the piece across the board to the desired position.

Other Features

  • Keep track of your points and compare your rank with that of other players and friends through Game Center's Leaderboard.
  • When playing against the device, you can undo the last move, swap roles, or start over at any time during the match.
  • Select from three options of piece shapes and board backgrounds.
  • Select from two sets of fun sounds or use the silent mode.